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EDUCATIONAL    4/04/2012
The San Luis students’ laptops and their maintenance

There are 59,989 children who use their laptops for improving school performance. About 2,000 computers per month have be repaired by the ULP. Some tips on caring for the computers.



Unset up computers, viruses, loss of chargers, broken switches and displays are common problems recorded on computers that kids used to study at elementary San Luis classroom every day. With almost 60 thousand laptops in the hands of students as part of the provincial model 1 to 1, requires a great deal of maintenance in so the initiative does not stop its pace.

The ULP Support Program is in charge of maintaining the fleet of computers conditions of the plan: 2 000 laptops are being repaired a month. Federico Gaido, head of the maintenacnce detailed simple tasks that kids can do to take care their laptops. "We recommend they clean them with wet cloths, and not dipping or using alcohol. The keyboard should be cleaned with a brush, because with the chamois and cloth up the keys. They should not hit them or leave them lying on the floor, as they are a valuable tool and sensitive to the ground", Gaido said.

Regarding the most frequent problems with the computers they students are having, Gaido said that it is mostly of software issues rather than hardware. He added that because students explore the PC, often accidentally delete some applications or unset up some device. He added virus from surfing the Internet, which may occasionally violate the security measures. Before those laptops are delivered to children, Support staff will install the software needed by students and teachers to the educational activity, both within schools and in homes. They also conduct hardware tests to verify that the machines work properly before turning. Applications are added basic shortcuts to the various platforms online and classroom work 1 to 1, OnLine Shirov, chess learning and virtual learning platform of the University.

Meanwhile, Silvia Miranda, head of model 1 to 1 All Kids on the Net, described what happens when the students computer breaks. "Children can bring the laptop with multiple support issues. The milder the mentor and solve the most complicated when teachers move up the laboratory equipment Technical Support ULP" he said. If it is a problem with the software is fixed and returned to the child, if the problem is hardware the repair time changes, since the parts are slow to arrive in the country and the settlement delay.

The computers received by students are theirs, so they take them home and bring it to school every day. But there is a situation when the computer is severely damage. "If the team cannot be fixed, it is assigned another computer at school, but the child cannot take it home, but it is used only within the institution. This is to demonstrate that they have to use it properly and with care", said Miranda.

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