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INFRASTRUCTURE    30/12/2011
San Luis kids can be connected to any network and surf safely

One application allows laptops delivered by the provincial government keep content filters in private networks on the Internet. The application was developed by specialists of the Information Highway.


By Dario Calderon

The San Luis Government ended the year with all elementary students in the provincial 1to1 model. More than 58 000 students across the geography of San Luis enjoy their computers. And to keep small accessing inappropriate material on the Web, from Highway Information (AUI) developed an application that allows San Luis kids computers to connect to any Internet network operating and maintaining filters content.

While the automatic selection of content, which prevents access to inappropriate material to children applies since the plan started in the All Kids Network 3 years ago, the pattern was different. Laptops were set to sail only in the provincial network of Internet AUI extends throughout the province and allow the free connection, even through Wi-Fi. Thus, from the Data Center of the highway controlled access material that could be laptops.

But with the massive proliferation of computers became necessary that the machines could also be connected to private networks. This led to the supply of some traders who were paid for "unlock" or "liberate" the engine of the original system that ensured the safe navigation in the AUI. At the same time, there appeared several problems with the machines, as to "liberate" for networking service outside the province were left without protection against many viruses, which in some cases were left unusable.

To address this problem, the University of La Punta (ULP), an institution that runs the AUI, went to work a team of specialists to develop the application that allows browsing machines on private networks without disadvantages or risks. The director of the AUI, Jose Jerez, explained that demand for computers connecting to any network was manifested primarily by private schools and parents of students who had private Internet service at home.

"The machines are joined to a domain, a group of servers that control the PC, and so they load the new configuration. But for the application to be operational, the boys have to connect at least once a public network of San Luis. They can do at school or on the antenna nearest Wi-Fi network in the province, "he said Jerez. In this regard, adding that every 3 months from the Data Center are downloaded updates to all machines.

As for laptops 1 to 1 model, the director of the Highway stressed that "not suitable" technicians carry the private sector, because this has brought a number of problems on computers. He added that to address any issues are directed to the technical support of the provincial government, which will work even on holidays.

Support for laptops during the summer

The ULP defined two methodologies for answering inquiries. On the one hand, interested parties may contact the call center of the Information Highway 4452000, extension 2010. There, the contact center staff will provide a guide for those who need to solve simple inconvenience of hardware and software.

A second instance is for those who fail to solve the problem by telephone support and will take place in different venues. In the city of San Luis, interested parties may contact the administrative building, former Government House, on the third floor, entrance on Ayacucho street, which houses the Center for Digital Inclusion (CID). While in Villa Mercedes, home to carry the laptop will be the Civic Center, located at No. 74 Urquiza, ground floor, where there is also a CID.

In addition, support will be offered in the villages of Quin, El Trapiche, San Francisco, La Punta, Tilisarao, Potrero de los Funes, Arizona, Santa Rosa and Villa d Merlo. In these locations, those interested should contact the respective CID, from 3 to January 13 as mentioned above. In San Luis and Villa Mercedes 27 and December 28, 9:30 to 15, you can bring the netbook to said CID.

On the January activity will be provided service in Villa Mercedes, bark, and San Francisco, on Monday from 9:30 to 14:30. In Potrero de los Funes and the mill will be on Tuesdays from 9 to 16. On Wednesday it will be in La Punta, from 9 to 4pm and from 9:30 to 2:30 Tilisarao. Villa Mercedes again Thursday from 9:30 to 2:30, and Arizona 10 to 14. On Friday it will be in La Punta from 9 to 4pm, in Santa Rosa and Villa de Merlo, 10 to 2pm. While in San Luis activity will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 4pm.

For information: 4452000-6089

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