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INFRASTRUCTURE    15/02/2012
The optical fiber laying will be extended between El Volcan and Villa de Merlo

The work will allow the inhabitants of eight villages enjoy faster access to the Internet and navigation.


To provide a better quality of free Internet service from the Government of St. Louis, the University of La Punta (ULP) have a laying of 220 kilometers of optical fiber from Volcano to Villa de Merlo. The work will be undertaken by the Information Highway (AUI).

The Volcan, Saladillo and La Toma connection open their journey on Friday 9 March. Naschel, Tilisarao, and Santa Rosa Concarán Conlan will cut the ribbon on Friday 16, and Merlo will do the same on Friday 23. Tourist village in the main event will take place on this extension of optical fiber.

"This will be migrated tended radio main links to nodes in other locations. It will also benefit the reeds; The Corner, Santa Isabel, Punilla, Potrerillos, Parrots, San Felipe, San Pablo, Renca, Paso Grande, Villa Lorca, San Martin, Cortaderas, Cerro de Oro, Carpentry and Los Molles "said Jose Jerez, director of the AUI. He added that this new section of optical fiber is a "great benefit" to the communities in the area because "the people demand more and more service."

The expansion of infrastructure responds to intensive use of the connectivity offered by the provincial government. The latest statistics indicate that the ULP Internet penetration in soil puntano climbed to 98.36%, which can only be compared with core countries. This demand for more and better connectivity devices raises investment in the information highway connecting San Luis, which distributes throughout the province.

So far the AUI has 638 kilometers of optical fiber and is projected to reach the 840 this year. The infrastructure includes 1,400 access points, 600 points of Wi-Fi, 36 shelter'sy 161 towers.

For information: 4452000-6089

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